In the silence and darkness of the sultry, summer night they donned their hoods and robes and in the cloak of darkness rode into the night. Without hindrance they took up their torches and set fire to the crosses, the very representation of a love they knew nothing of, a love they could never comprehend.

Down through the years, they rode, leaving a trail of tears, a trail of blood, a trail of hate until the trail became a road and the road became a highway.

They no longer hide behind a mask and robe, they no longer ride out in the darkness of the night. They no longer hide their hate.

In our silence, we allowed the sin of a nation to grow. In our silence we allowed the beast to remain unchained. In our silence and our blindness, we allowed the hate to not even fear the light of day.

When will we stand and say enough?

When will we stand with our brothers and our sisters and declare, no more, no more, enough?

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