The Long-Awaited Messiah

“But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them.” (Luke 2:9)

Today, we celebrate the birth of a King. An unlikely King. An uncommon place. Two ordinary people. A motley crew of witnesses. A whole host of angelic messengers. You and me.

Sitting here today, looking at my imperfect tree. In the still, dark hour before the sunrise. Before the rush of the day. I sit with Jesus. He sits with me. I lean in to hear his whisper.

All that.

The announcement.

John. Zachariah, Elizabeth.

Mary. Joseph.

The shepherds. The Magi.

The gifts. The stable.

God’s Love.

 All that. Was for you. Will you let me be your Everyday Jesus?

I came to shine my light. In a dark world.

I came just for you.

Today is just the beginning of our journey.

Like Mary, treasure these things in your heart.

Meditate on what has been said. There is still much to learn.

Will you meet me here tomorrow?

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